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I need some great music for a commercial, video, or film that I have made. Have I come to the right place?

Yes, you have! You can find the perfect piece of music for your project in our online library.

Can I download music tracks and license them online from your site?

Yes. Anyone with internet access can license music online from our website for use in film, tv, web video, commercials, etc.
Full access to the online production music library is free, and you can access it here: full music library access.

Is music licensing complicated?

Not at all. Just go through our music library, pick out the perfect song for your project, and hit the "license" button.

How is Blindfold Sound different from all of the other production music libraries out there?

For the most part, our music is made without an end usage in mind. By that we mean that it is primarily created to be artistically rewarding to the individual composers, and therefore doesn't sound or feel like "stock" music.

Also, unlike some other music licensing sites and royalty-free music services, our music is pre-screened to give the end user a reasonably-sized selection of high quality film music, rather than tens of thousands of tracks of questionable quality that take too much of your valuable time to sift through.

We also provide custom scoring, which many stock music sites do not do. On most tracks we can offer custom editing as well, sometimes at no charge, depending on the difficulty of the edit.

What if I have special needs or would like to ask a question?

We feel like we set ourselves apart from other online production music libraries with personalized service that can involve anything from answering questions and assisting in a music search to creating custom edits and mixes, whole songs, and custom/bespoke scores. Feel free to contact us today.

Where else has Blindfold Sound music been used?

Go here for a list of credits and video reel.

Can Blindfold Sound create and produce a custom score for my film project?

Definitely. We consider ourselves a custom music house as much as we are a production music library. We have a growing network of composers chosen for specific skills, so whether you need music for a commercial, web video, TV, film, website, or a movie trailer, we can do it. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions about our custom scoring and give you a quote.

Do you have experience scoring an entire TV series, or feature film?

Yes, and yes. Contact us today and we'll be happy discuss any custom scoring project, big or small.

Have you had music used in commercials?

Yes, one of our specialties in doing music for advertising. There is some great stuff in the library for commercials and we can also compose something specifically for your ad, whether it is for broadcast TV or for internet use.

Can I preview music before I buy it?

Yes. All of our production library music and sound effects tracks can be previewed before they are purchased. Previews are mp3, but final delivery of audio files will be CD quality AIFFs. WAVs available upon request.

How much do you charge per track?

The price for your particular license is calculated automatically based on intended end use. You will select your use and see the price before purchase. (Don't forget that all first time customers receive a 25% discount on their first license, so be sure to ask us about that).

What happens when I make my purchase?

After you complete the transaction via credit card or PayPal account you'll be sent back to the License page in your account to download the contract, invoice, and audio file.

Do you offer discounts for using more than one track in a film or video production?

Yes, we do and that is priced on a case-by-case basis, so contact us today for a special quote.

What is royalty-free music?

Music licensed from the Blindfold Sound production music library is royalty free, which means that after paying a one-time fee you can use the music you've licensed as you wish as long as the use does not violate the terms stated in the license agreement, which you will review before final purchase. You never have to pay us any additional license fees.

How am I allowed to use the music I license from Blindfold Sound?

You can sync the music to any film that you have produced - anything from a major motion picture or TV broadcast to a small web video production.
***IMPORTANT: The music may not be sold by itself, transferred, traded, shared, or given away to any other person or entity and the license may not be sublicensed to a third party. You may not market the music as your own, sing over, or add other instrumentation to, the music and sell or distribute the song unless it is strictly for a presentation.
If you have any questions regarding music licensing, contact us.

Does the music I buy belong to me?

No, you do not own the music. What you are actually purchasing is a license that allows you to sync the music within your film or video project. The copyright to the music belongs solely to the composer.

I used one of your tracks in my film. Who do I give credit to?

You should give credit to the composer of the music. That information is listed on both the track's preview page and in the email you are sent to confirm your purchase.

Do I have to send a cue sheet to ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC?

If your project is broadcast or distributed publicly for profit, such as on any network or cable television channel, you MUST file a cue sheet with us and with those organizations (and, incidentally, this applies not only to the music you get from us, but for any music you use in a broadcast or commercial production). For more information visit,, or or contact us.

What is a cue sheet?

A cue sheet is a document which is filed with the performing rights societies (ASCAP, BMI, etc) and contains a detailed listing of each piece of music used in a film or television production. The cue sheet is usually prepared by the music editor or music supervisor for a production. It contains information for each piece of music including the writer(s), publisher(s), usage of the music (background, theme, etc.), length of the music, and a title for each track.

There is no cost involved to send in a cue sheet. The ASCAP site has a great article including an example of a cue sheet located here.

How often is new music added to the music library?

Usually a few times per month, but this varies.

Is my payment secure on the site?

Yes, because all payments, including those by credit card, go through Paypal. It's not possible for us to store, or even see, any credit card information.

Do I have to be a member of Paypal to make a purchase on the site?

No, you don't have to be a member of Paypal to purchase from our site. You can use any major credit card. Paypal only processes the secure transaction.

Do you accept returns on music licenses?

No, once you have purchased and downloaded a music file, we cannot offer a refund or accept a return.

Will Blindfold Sound give or sell my contact information to anyone?


Do you ever offer any promotions or discounts?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we offer 25% off of any license for any first time customers.

Does Blindfold Sound offer annual blanket licensing?

Yes, we do offer monthly and annual subscriptions. If you tend to use a lot of music per year we can set you up on one of a variety of plans where you can pay a monthly or annual fee for discounted access to the music library. This is especially useful for universities that need music for a lot of student and faculty video projects, internal corporate video use, as well as TV production companies that require a lot of music per episode.

Does Blindfold Sound have the most original royalty free music on the internet?

Yes, we do! Listen to samples from the music library.